storia cantieri d'esteThe history of “Cantieri Navali D’Este” begins in 1955, when Gino D’Este moved his dockyard from the arsenal of Venice to Fiumicino, in the harbor of the port channel. As he was a Master of the ax he brought his experience on building work boats and pleasure craft in wood, typical of the Venetian lagoon.
In Fiumicino instead he switched the production to sailing vessels, intended for the nascent yachting industry, developing the shipyard until they reached a position of prestige in the nautical time bringing D’Este shipyard to the quality level of Sangermani and Becconcini production.
D’Este boats which have made the history of Italian sailing as Green Ray, Madifra, Suhaili and many more, still make waves in the seas. The collaboration with many famous naval architects, including Van de Stadt, Laurent Giles, Arthur Robb, had a role in consolidating its success.
After the death of Gino D’ Este, in 1990, the shipyard went to a group of Roman entrepreneurs who did not want the end of the glorious name
storia cantieri d'este

The construction of sailing ships switched from wood to the innovative fiberglass, keeping, however, the expertise of Gino for the perfection of the construction process and his passion for innovation.
Since 1991, boats designed by Cantieri D’Este have always been present in every regatta race.

Boats D’Este, both racing and classic ones, are recognized by the formal elegance combined with the latest technologies and performance guarantees which achieved the level of absolute excellence.

As a further confirmation of the high quality of their products, Cantieri D’Este, in 2013, accepted the request made by some manufacturers of engine boats .
They are aware of the undeniable benefits of a high-tech construction, used for our sailing vessels, in terms of, for example, the lighter weight, greater rigidity and more powerful hull, they decided to apply these same characteristics to engine boats. storia 5

The D’Este shipyards have, therefore, committed to building a engine boat, about 14 meters long, ensuring these features, and for this purpose , we started a “joint venture” with Morgan Marine, who has a recognised expertise in design and production of engine boats, in order to give the consumer a high-performance product, reducing the mainteinance costs by half. This vessel was unveiled at the Cannes Show in 2014, after the usual trials.