In order to meet the many demands of enthusiastic boat owners who place their trust in the experience gained both in the field of extreme construction and in the specific sector of offshore races, Cantiere D’Este has produced a vessel in compliance with the rules of the Class 40 Association.

The vessel was constructed under the skilful supervision of designer Sito Aviles Ramos.

Cantiere D’Este has combined the strictly racing concept with interiors which have less to do with luxury and more to do with the practical, modern and functional needs that will be understood by anyone who has faced the challenges related to long sailing voyages.


Made of fibreglass with vacuum infusion technology. For the construction, Cantieri D’Este uses epoxy resins with a Gel-coat surface finish. The two-bladed rudder is connected to a double tiller handle, and the carbon mast with two aft swept spreaders rests on the deck and the runners are non-structural.

Two outside ergonomic seats, which are sheltered from the cabin top, are situated in a large cockpit and provide for comfortable accommodation during long ocean voyages, as well as for easy control of the boat’s performance.

Safety is guaranteed by an anti-collision watertight bulkhead at the bow and by a large floatation reserve, as per the specifications imposed by the Class 40 Association.

Technical specifications

  • Length at water line LWL 12.18 m
  • Max. width 4.49 m
  • Draught 3.00 m/1.50 m if retracted
  • Displacement when empty 4,000 kg
  • Ballast: 750 litres
  • Rig:  Slup


  • Total:  295 sq.m
  • Genova: 42 sq.m
  • Mainsail: 73 sq.m
  • Gennaker: 180 sq.m
  • Engine power: 40 hp
  • Fresh water tank capacity: 180 litres
  • Batteries: 200 Ah
  • System voltage: 12 volt
  • Max. number of persons: 12