Este 72 and 94 are the classic expression of the sporting soul of Cantieri D’Este, with two vessels (launched from the same glorious ports, Claudio and Traiano, which made imperial Rome great) that represent the top of the range for today’s romantic rulers of the sea.

A perfect mix of tradition and cutting-edge solutions, where simplicity, elegance and luxury find their personal interpretation in the highly detailed approach of experiencing the sea in an intimate and ancestral way.

The ocean-cruise Este 72 and 94 lines originate from an idea by the Dutch designer Frans Maas who, inspired by the elegant water lines of Latifa, designed by William Fife in 1931, created a hull which is both classic and has excellent marine qualities.

The deck and the modern cabin top are the result of the style and experience of Studio Vallicelli. They let you take advantage of the spacious sunbathing areas and you can walk freely from bow to stern.

Technical specifications

  • Length overall LOA 24.00 m
  • Length at water line LWL 22.545 m
  • Max. width 6.975 m
  • Draught 3.580 m
  • Displacement 37,000 kg


Sail area

  • Overall 335 sq.m
  • Gennaker area 215 sq.m
  • E 9.810 m
  • P 25.872 m
  • I jib 21.275 m
  • J jib 7.875 m
  • I yankee 28.468 m
  • J yankee 2.631 m

1 Engine, 200 hp