The boat is an ESTE 24, a 7.50 m one-design boat designed by G. Frers. It is easy to manoeuvre and runs even under very light winds, making the outboard engine not really necessary, though the boat allows for it (in our case the outboard is provided). Well balanced and very responsive to the helm, features also an inside space commensurate with the boat size. The boat is fitted with a daggerboard, and can be towed on a trailer. The mast removal/installation does not need a crane. The class was officially established in 1995, and at the same time the association of owners was formed, facilitating both social activities and the organisation of races.
The boats are not equipped for on-board sleeping; accommodation will have to be on-shore. The boat appears in many events in Italy, including the “Barcolana” in Trieste. The events are regularly posted on facebook (in Italian only):
Up to 16 boats will be available for the ESA CUP 2015. The minimum number of boats for the event is 10. The race will require the membership of a European sailing federation (in Italy F.I.V.).

The technical characteristics are available (in Italian only) at the, and are reported below:

Technical specs (from the

 length overall LOL 7.50 (m)
length at water line LWL 6.70 (m)
Beam 2.50 (m)
Draft 0.4/1.7 (m)
Displacement 980 (Kg)
Ballast 330 (Kg)
Mail Sail area 26.8 (Kg)
Head Sail area 102% 15.3 (sq.m.)
Gennaker area 58 (sq.m.)
Berths 4